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Last Saturday my friend had her 18th, which was a Disney dress up theme. I decided to go as Boo from Monsters inc. and this is how I created her look.
  Starting with my face, I did a simple natural makeup look. For my eyebrows I used the Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in the shade black brown, it can be purchased from Superdrug for £2.99. Next I used the Rimmel wake me up concealer for £5.49. To make my skin look flawless and the same shade I used the Maybelline dream pure BB cream for £6.99, on top of that for blush I used the Maybelline New York blush in the shade cosmopolitan which is £4.49, this is a very pink pigmented blush and is suitable as Boo has very pink cheeks. Lastly, for my eyes I applied the Maybelline New York the collosal go extreme leather black volume express mascara, for £6.99.

Moving on to clothes...
For my top I tried to get as close to the real colour as possible and I purchased a pink long shirt from H&M for £6.99.

I then went on to Ebay and purchased a pair of purple jeggings for £6.99. For extra comfort I recommend trying to get purple leggings.

What I believe really made this look was the hair, I bought a clip on fringe in the shade dark brown from ebay for £3.20 including shipping, the fringe felt really soft and blended into my hair perfectly. With this fringe I clipped it to the top of my head and tied my hair into two high pigtails using two pink hairbands. (I could not find cheap pink bobble hair bands).
To finish this look all you need to do is add a teddy bear and white trainers/ converses. I used any white trainers I had at home, my trainers were from Topshop but anything white on your feet will do.

I had amazing fun recreating this look and seeing it all come together, as well as having an amazing time at the party! sadly I forgot my teddy at home when I went! You are never too old to dress up! Hopefully this post helped anyone who wants to try and dress up as Boo!

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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