Can you really call yourself a good and honest person?

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People lie all the time, it can be a small one or a big one. Many people like to tell others that they are honest, loyal and a good person. But how many of those people are telling the truth?
A lot of people like to think that by lying, by hiding the truth they are sparing people's feelings or protecting them from pain. But some lies cannot be hidden forever. No ones perfect, but when you mature you have to know that hurting people is wrong, that lying isn't the way.

As many of my posts, this is a relationship one, even though I'm not in one at the moment, I can definitely say, I have had my fair amount of guys that I've talked to, flirted with and had an interest in. Everyone who you will first talk to will either do two things: 1. Tell you how they really are and their true self or most do 2. Which is tell you what you want to hear, and what you'd expect and like them to be.

Recently, I've been feeling as if I've been used as a practise for most guys, meaning after me they'll go to find the person they actually want and settle with. I feel like a sponge. All the guys excuses were "they are scared or are not ready". What is the point on wasting energy, time and effort on someone if you didn't think that it would go somewhere?

One guy, told me he is honest from the start, he lays out what he wants and therefore he thinks he is doing the right thing, because even if he flirts then the girls will know what he expected because he told them from the get go. Even though I half agree with that method as it is an honest thing to do. It is also another way that is less bad, but still wrong when dealing with people's feelings. No matter, if you tell someone what you want, then continue to flirt with them, tell them you want cuddles and stuff, they will eventually end up falling for you and liking you. And when the time comes if you ever, had to tell them that you got serious with someone else, they would still be hurt, because the feelings still would have developed for you. My solution to this, is that you shouldn't play games anymore, the guy who does this says he doesn't play games, but that is his game, which he wins, because he convinced himself he is doing nothing wrong.

The right thing to do when dealing with people, is to be friends, do not move or flirt with a person until you know that you want them. You can get to know someone without making it seem like you are moving to them.

I'm sick of people, thinking they are good because they know what it feels like to be hurt. Just because you have experience does not mean you have learnt not to hurt others like you have been. What you do with that experience gives you the power to decide, whether you want to be good or bad. Your words may say one thing but your actions says another. Be careful who you trust, but don't build your walls so high you shut people out completely, because you may as well be keeping the wrong people out and one day might let the wrong person in. I personally, give people everything, despite the risk that they might hurt you. When they give me a reason not to trust them, or if I feel like something's off, I will start building my wall higher and higher. Without trust, there is no point, you might as well be single. If you aren't ready just be single, save yourself from hurt and save others too.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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