When a stranger hands you a magazine, read and appreciate it!

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A week ago, I got on the bus and immediately went to sit at the back on the lower deck. A man near the window handed me a small magazine, titled "Awake!", he said to me " this may be helpful, why don't you give it a read." Now, most young people would disregard any leaflets given to them and toss it when they get the chance, however, I chose to read this throughout my bus journey. The thing that grabbed my mind and heart was the two words in bold, "TEEN DEPRESSION". To some this may not mean anything, but to others this can bring memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences back to present.

My passion for mental health, especially in young people has no end. Holding this magazine on the bus, given by a stranger gave me a feeling of warmth, as like all groups there is always a negative stereotype, and in society young people often feel under appreciated or punished. This magazine showed me that people care, and what I loved most about it, is that strangers gave hope to other strangers, our society felt like it was one rather than different diverse groups, even if it was just for a split second. The awareness through magazines and leaflets given to you on the streets or public transport is so important, not only for you to understand yourself but maybe to help and understand others too.

I know for sure that if I were feeling upset, and someone handed me this magazine, it would make me feel so much better. There is a double spread page inside, with the heading "Your smile, a gift to share." This page talks about how a smile, can make you smile, because when a person gives you a beaming smile, you cannot help but smile back. Smiles can be uplifting, they are a way of communicating with our faces, spreading positive vibes and emotions. If someone is having a bad day, do not make it worse and glare at them, a smile can let them know that it is not all bad, you're there for them and that you understand them.

Below I will insert a link to the site that created this feature, they are a Jehovah Witness organisation and if you say that there is no use looking because you do not follow that faith, just try anyway because who knows, you may find your faith. I am Catholic, however I am open to everyone's ideas, opinions and I do support everyone with no discrimination. Being open and diverse shows kindness, it shows compassion and respect, these are the qualities we need more of in our world.


Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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