Superdrug Tea tree nose strips review!

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As a student drugstore buys are a must when trying to save money as well as trying to get the best quality. So what more than for me to try out the products for you guys, and tell you if they are worth buying, or worth walking past in the store.

Superdrug is and probably will always be my favourite beauty high street drugstore. From there I purchased this, tea tree nose strips for £3.99. This product is used for removing dirt, oil and blackheads.

The instructions were simple and clear to read and follow:

  1. Clean your face as usual, then splash your nose with water to ensure that the strip sticks to your nose properly. Dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Remove the strip from the clear backing. Apply to the nose with the smooth side down against the skin. Press down firmly to ensure good contact between the strip and your skin. 
  3.  Leave the strip to dry for 10 to 12 minutes. It is ready to remove when it starts to feel stiff. 
  4.  Carefully start to peel off the strip, starting at the edges and pulling towards the middle of your nose. 
  5.  Gently wash off residue.
As soon as I put it on, it felt refreshing and had a nice tea tree aroma about it. When it was time to peel it off, it did hurt and make my eyes water, therefore it definitely worked and latched onto my skin and dug deep, however at the same time it was also not as tight as a black Korean face mask I once tried, which was the most painful thing I have ever peeled off my face. Once the peel was off, my nose felt refreshed and clean. As I do not have blackheads there was no result from that, but the strip did take off the oils and dirt on my nose, which left my nose looking and feeling smoother. 

If someone were to ask me if I were to recommend this product, I would say if it is apart of your tea tree routine and you can afford to spend money on 5 strips, it is a good product to invest in. However, if you wanted to be practical and cost effective, on Ebay you can get a tube of black charcoal peel off pore mask for the same price. for example: 

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Josephine Beth-xx 


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