Star Signs - Do you believe in astrology?

Ever since I was little I have always loved to read the horoscope section in the magazines. I have always been interested in them and as I grew older, I have researched into star signs in more depth.

Furthermore I was born on the 27th of June that makes me a cancer. From what I have read my star sign has described me well by my personality and many other factors. Personally, I do not read the daily horoscopes consistently as they cannot always predict you as a person, as there are many other people in the world with the same star sign.
Many people would argue that astrology is fake and that their star sign does not reflect them as a person. Another reason for this is because it cannot be proven by science, like many things people tend to believe things that can be proven or seen, also many people like to question these things that cannot be proven. For example: "Why do horoscopes of the same zodiac sign in different newspapers differ so much?". That is totally okay, because that's their opinion, although whether it is made up or real, it is mysterious and it is quite frankly amazing. The zodiac is something that you can choose to believe in or not and no one can tell you that it is stupid as it is your opinion - people can only influence your opinion not make it for you.

On the other hand, people who believe astrology is real tend to not really understand how it quite works. Equally, these people who believe in it are open minded, this is something that I believe to be an important trait in a person. It has also been said that astrology originated during the 2nd millennium BC.

Ultimately, I believe in astrology because I like the mystery behind it, for me it has proven correct, maybe not all the time but most of the time. Additionally, my star sign gives me hope and sometimes helps me to discover things about myself that maybe I could not really see before.

If you are a Cancer your traits are as followed:
Your element: Water
Your ruling planets: The Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Your stone: Moonstone
Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy

Vibration: Moody

Cancer's Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)
What is your star sign and do you believe in it?

 If you want to know more about astrology, e.g. what it is? or more about its origin a good site is:

Always supporting and voting for you.                                                        
Josephine Beth-xx


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