Why taking your own advice is hard

Personally, when it comes to others and if I'm in the mood I can give great advice. On the other hand when it comes to myself I feel lost.

believe that most people become dependant on others to be there for them, because without them they'd feel lost. I came to this conclusion because I know that I would never really like to be alone. More over many people will argue that they're independent, however you can be both, the case may be that you are dependant emotionally but for everything else you're independant and do not mind getting on with your own business. 

Ultimately, there is always going to be that one point in your life where you feel like you need someone, because everyone has their starting point and everyone has to experience most things at least once. Many think that to be independant you avoid all the unwanted drama, hurt and pain, however that isn't the case. In most things you do there is always the opposite waiting to hit you around the corner, nothing is full proof and nothing is guaranteed. - "Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you"- (If I stay)

I am saying that I think it is okay to be dependant and it is okay to want things to suit your needs, however you have to remember not to be selfish and take things for granted. Furthermore, being dependant stops us from taking our own advice as well as self esteem. It is okay to be uneasy and that is why we need to help each other to become confident or to balance ourselves. This world was not created for you to spend it alone, the saying is everyone has their soul mate out there. However I believe that it does not only refer to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I believe it is talking about family and friend relationships too.

Additionally, everyone needs a little help sometimes and it is okay to ask for it, therefore do not fret if you do not know what to do (that is what friends/ family is for). Taking your own advice is hard and that is why you have people around you.

Always supporting and voting for you.                                                       Josephine Beth-xx 


  1. Josephine you've always got me to count on! When you're not strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry onnnnn. Lean on meeee <3.

    1. AW! thank you so much, I will always be there for you too! - ly <3


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