GCSE results: not what I wanted?!

Where do I start? Let's just say I would of been better off if I didn't move secondaries. Moreover lets just say I believed to have done the best I could during the process.

I'm not going to make excuses and tell you my life story on what happened during the exam period because people go through so much worse. But I have to admit everything's my fault, I shouldn't have let people interfere, I shouldn't have focused on other people, I shouldn't have done anything but revise. 

I love blogging and as much as I want to believe that letters on a piece of paper aren't everything it's hard. I didn't do horribly, I got grades that are average the usual Bs and stuff, but it's not good enough, nothing's good enough when there's so much competition in the world.  I know I shouldn't sit here and feel sorry for myself or even pity myself but I am, and I think I need to in order to move on.
Furthermore, the more time I spend pondering on my English grades and my career, it makes me feel as if I can't reach it, as if blogging is a waste of time because people who are good at the English subject can do so much better than me. BUT I am going to say NO, this English hurdle doesn't make me any less of an applicant than anyone else, I still have initiative, I know how to spell and be grammatically accurate if need be. I don't believe the subject English language should decide whether you can do something or not, this is because I know I can do it and knowing this I'm going to try so hard in A levels to make sure I succeed. Nothing, I repeat nothing is going to stand in my way on getting where I want to be, and I am going to show people that your GCSE results are not the end of the world. 

Ultimately, at this point in time people look at me with sympathy and confusion when I say I want to do journalism and be a journalist because they see my English language grade, however I'm going to prove to you that you can do anything that you want and that exam testing and the educational grading system is not working anymore and that its failing, and a new idea should be put in place instead. 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. I hope that you've got over your disappointment in your results and now feel proud of your achievements. If you are determined and work hard then in the future your GCSE grades will be irrelevant.

    1. Thankyouu, yes all I need to do now is focus on my A levels to get into uni

    2. You are more than capable of becoming a journalist, all you need to do is maintain your motivation and I know you will get there :) great post! Keep it up


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