NCS: week 3!!

Final final final week! So our final week was based at my secondary school BA. This means that we would stay at home and meet at that location during the day, this ended on Thursday so technically it was not a full week.

During this week it was based on creating our campaign and creating a pitch that we had to pitch to dragons at the end of the week. This week was hard and either a making or breaking point, my group didn't cope with the pressure too good and took it seriously, as well as we kept talking over each other constantly. 

Our campaign was to help the bexley heritage trust preserve their grounds by helping them gain more volunteers. We decided to use social media and an actual campaign day where we will raise awareness by running activities. The two activities we decided to run, was a game of capture the flag as well as a instagram scavenger hunt.

Ultimately, this week was so stressful however in the end we did get through it, I'm going to be honest I did get a bit hot headed during this week due to many factors, one time my mentor tried saying no to us having notes to help us in the pitch because I would stutter with them! Moreover, I knew one of the dragons and that made me nervous as hell to even look the dragons in the eye! In all truth I'm glad it's over even though I still have to go back in September. NCS WAS DEFINITLY NOT easy but was not completely not worth it either. 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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