NCS: week 2

Week 2 consists of staying in university style accommodation while learning skills for public speaking and thinking about our group skill, so for my group it was enterprise.

As we were staying in university accommodation we had to do everything for ourselves e.g. Cooking and cleaning. My flat decided to cook macaroni and cheese (yum), pizza (meh okay), fajitas (definitely yum) and chicken chow mein (yuck). During our stay I killed a spider and a moth in my room not to mention there were moths in the kitchen (yuck!). 

Throughout the week we did many activities according to our team skill, we did a public speaking workshop as a wave, as well as an enterprise workshop as a team. My team visited Shaftesbury court care home to entertain the residents. We absolutely loved it! When the week came to a close we had a talent show, and let me just say we have so many talented people on my wave it's unbelievable!. 
Ultimately, as the week came to an end we had to do a showcase which my team organised (which was extremely stressful) but in the end it was okay and everyone seemed to like it! Moreover, this week was far better than week 1 and I talked to more people and interacted with more people which was good! I'm definitely more of a calm person rather than an active everyday person!

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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