Thai Festival 2015

On August 1-2 in Blackheath they held a Thai festival. To enter it costs £3 and if you buy the ticket on one day it is then valid for all the other days the festival is open for.

This festival included aspects such as: ladyboys, singers, a monk, food, music and bits and bobs. As we all know whenever you go to a festival you have to expect it to be a bit pricey, e.g. One tub of food would be £5 or a stick of food would be £2 each. Moreover, the food was absolutely delicious and did not only have delicacies from Thailand but from Philippines and other parts of Asia too. 

Additionally, as shown in the video I did buy a few things which were food but I also did buy non food items too such as: an elephant bracelet, an elephant key ring, one elephant purse and one floral purse. The bracelet and purses were £1 each and the key ring was £2 something. 

Overall, the Thai festival was an amazing experience and festivals with different cultures should definitely have more recognition and should be more popular with everyone.

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Josephine Beth-xx


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