Nothing is unforgivable

The fosters, a TV show which has made me cry so many times, but this episode made me learn something too. Sometimes it takes a while to realise things, other times you say you understand but you never really believe in things.

During one scene the phrase "nothing is unforgivable" came up, this essentially made glass shatter in my mind. All the time we see families forgive murderers, even if it was in the last minute they had to live. We see animals forgive humans for being unkind, we see many things and we think that's the right thing to do. But when it comes to ourselves, would you forgive? Would you forgive someone who murdered someone you cared about? Would you forgive someone if they beat you? Would you forgive someone for leaving you? Cheating?. 

Furthermore, I have a saying "no problem is minor", as it is all up to the individual. As humans we find it easy to understand but not believe, no matter how wise, old or experienced you are, you haven't learnt everything there is to learn. Forgiveness should be emphasised more, because we all learn how to be polite and caring so quickly but why is it so hard to grasp how to forgive fully? 

Ultimately, dwelling on something someone did in the past will not change anything. Forgiveness was not made to be easy, most things were not made to be truly easy, it takes time. You can forgive someone but that doesn't mean I am telling you to trust them or even like them. Forgiving someone is about letting go and we all know that letting go can do less damage than holding on.

As results get given back on the 20th just think about this: 
Dwelling on exam results you didn't achieve isn't going to change them. Taking responsibility is key but forgiving yourself is another important aspect in order to move forward. Therefore I wish everyone goodluck on getting their GCSE results and I hope everyone got what they wanted, because if you didn't, it's okay maybe you have something greater destined for you. Results and academic smarts is just another way to divide society. 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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