Skinny vs curvy: how you dress and wear things

Personally, my opinion is that almost anything can look good on a slim/skinny person. However if you are a bit chubby or say curvier there is more of a chance that you have to choose carefully about your outfit and what makes you look good or not.

Recently, I have chosen an outfit for my friends birthday outing on Friday, and if you know me, you would know that I am far from skinny or slim. At first I loved the outfit, however when I showed my mum she liked the top but she added that the skirt looked "too tight". I don't know whether it was because she did not understand the fashion or because it just simply looked too tight and showed my curves more.

If a Slim/skinny person were to wear it, I believe no one would say anything bad, and would just compliment them saying how nice they looked. So why does different rules apply to different body types?

In my opinion curvy girls are expected to cover up and not show cleavage etc. While skinny/ slim girls can literally wear almost anything, although they do get judged a bit if they wear push up bras.
I say that clothes should not be limited to one body type and that judgement from other people especially strangers should be stopped. I believe that it is your body and you should be allowed to dress it as you please and do what you want with it, unless harm or danger is in your path.

Ultimately, I am still going to wear the outfit that I bought as I bought it so I might as well wear it. No one should stop you from doing something that will make you feel good or happy!

 Always supporting and voting for you.                                          
Josephine Beth-xx


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