The good the bad and the ugly?!

I have not posted in a while, apologies. First of all on Monday I received a letter from Dartford Grammar,  they offered me a conditional offer if I gain the respected 4 A grades at GCSE with B grades in a further 3 subjects. I am hoping for the best and good luck to those who got their offer from this school or their preferred school. May I remind  those of you that...
More over, I am grateful for this offer and this concludes my good.
Furthermore on to the bad. Yesterday at 4.20 I had a interview with the John Roan sixth form, and to my stupidity I forgot my report and mock grades, these were essential to ensure they gave me an offer. Therefore because I did not have them on my person I did not get an offer, on the other hand when I got home the same day I sent an apology email with attachments of my recent report and mock grades. In addition I am not going to say I am deeply saddened because I know that it was my fault and I accept that.
Ultimately on to the ugly, this little bit will be about being careful who you trust and who you tell your secrets to. Hypothetically speaking if there were two girls, lets call them A and B and then there is a boy which we will call him C. Girl B asks boy C if he would go to prom with A, at the time he says yes, then later on A's friends tell her that C says that he does not know how to tell A but he does not want to go to prom with her anymore. Therefore B says sorry to A for asking when it did not go as planned, weeks later it turns out B has kept asking and hinting at C to go to prom with A, now the case is that C is under the impression that A likes him, therefore he asks one of A's friends if she likes him, her friend says that she does not think so. A bit of background on this is that A used to have a crush on C before but when she found out that C was not a very nice person, for example he makes fun of people and he gossips about other peoples business which ultimately causes embarrassment. More over A's friend was doing her a favour and she was grateful for that, but now she has to pretend as if B has done nothing wrong because she does not want to cause trouble or arguments.
Additionally, this is not the first time that B has set A up to fail. On valentines day the older years were offering to send valentine notes and roses out for a price to those in our school, it could be anonymous or named. B paid for a valentines note to be sent to A from C, this was embarrassing because it arrived during the lesson A and C sat next to each other. A was angry and upset at the same time, she was angry at B for doing that but upset due to embarrassment, that she could literally feel herself go red in the face. Although A forgave B she did it because she knew they were friends and she thought that B probably did not do it with intention that it would hurt.
More over what I want you to take from this story is that you cannot always trust everyone, if you are a person to want to avoid arguments then you can be friends with people just do not get too close with them as you never know what people are capable of, we live in a world of secrets. How would you deal with people who let you down? In my opinion I would like to say I would still be there for them if they needed me, however I would not share my secrets with them or get too close with them, but ultimately I believe people should have more than one chance to redeem themselves. Furthermore, I know that I cannot help everyone and some things are better left unsaid, if any friends peer pressure or lead you to danger then it is then best to remove yourself from that situation and friendship -   “I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.”  
Always supporting and voting for you.                                                       
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. thanks for sharing this beautiful peace of writing I just love it. visit my blog at.

    1. Thank you for commenting, yeah I will most definitely check out your blog!

  2. well, I guess you are dedicating this story to someone else I got it! onething I would like to say is not all people are like B and sometimes people like B get tempted in the matter and ruin everything. Love or so you say should be only in between 2 third party should nver be welcomed
    have a nice day

    1. That is true haha, thank you for commenting I agree with what you are saying! have a nice day too.


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