Playing the matchmaker good or bad?

Personally, in primary school I had a friend who always loved to play matchmaker and help those who liked each other to confess. In primary it was all fun and games and playing matchmaker is not really thought of much as you're only young.

There is two possible outcomes to this, you can either get a happy ending or it could end in tears or pain. However, what would make someone want to match make another person so badly without being asked to?

Story time:
There is two boys one is B and one is C. moreover a girl is A.
Boy C tells boy B that A likes B however he does not have any hard facts, moreover C tells A that B likes her but this is not completely true either. A is super confused and gets teased over and over, however she always says that B does not like her. One time in lesson when A says it in front of B he says "see". What B meant was "see, she doesn't like me". Overall, B and A do not believe that they like each other however C will still push them towards each other. Here is the twist, C says that if A were to like B then B would possibly like A back. Another twist is that A and B do not actually talk, moreover are not friends. Ultimately, answers are hard to find in this situation as whenever A wants to question C about what he is doing, he always says that he does not know what A is talking about. The problem now is that A is starting to develop feelings or a crush for B but she thinks he will not like her.

So was C right for trying to match make B and A? Or will it end in tears? does match making give false hope? In my opinion it would of been funny as a joke at first, but it should have been stopped as I believe that the more you tease someone, that person will begin to catch feelings and if the situation does not go as planned could get really hurt.

Playing cupid and matchmaking should be something done if you are certain or asked in my opinion, not spontaneously where you do not know the outcome of it.

Reasons to not play matchmaker:
  • Feelings could be misunderstood
  • You can't predict attraction between two people, all the time
  • It might not end how you wish or think it would
  • Feelings are not to be played with
  • People can be sensitive

Always supporting and voting for you.                                              
Josephine Beth-xx


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