Game: AA

This game is another addictive game like flappy birds. Also it is safe to say that this blog will most likely be a game or app review.  If you are ever bored and is in need in something to do, this game will probably be a good choice to have on your tablet or phone.
In order to progress to the next level of this game, it requires you to shoot each pin into the middle without it colliding with the other pins already there.

This game is highly addictive and it makes you want to beat it, I downloaded it yesterday and I am on level 49 at the moment, the only problem is it can be very hard and you need patience as well. The problem is that I am now stuck on level 49. If you guys have any tips feel free to share. What level are you on? have you played it? If you told me to rate it I would probably say it is a 4/5 stars.

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