Does posting pictures about self harm help?

Self-harm// deliberate injury to oneself, typically as a manifestation of a psychological or psychiatric disorder.

On a whole this topic is very touchy to many and can be very emotional. Furthermore, the question is does posting pictures of this support and help people who self harm?

Many depression and self harm accounts follow me on Instagram, the amount of photos that are posted daily through out social media is on a large scale. Personally, I understand that blogs and forums help support people through encouraging words and so on. However, are the pictures really worth it? Many people see this method as a yearn for attention and affection from others, I could never understand why people would want to publicise their cuts. This is bad because it can trigger others to self harm and it is almost as if you are saying that self harm is not bad and it is a good way to relieve pain or stress.

Additionally, we all know that self harm should not be the answer but sometimes it cannot be helped at the time when you are in the moment. Moreover this is why we have to consider the people who publicise their cuts as a cry for help. Some people cannot help but be indirect about their problems and may find comfort or an easier way to communicate through pictures than words. Many people defend these people and say that all they want and need is help and kind words or advice, however these people need to take into consideration the people who view their photos, this could be about how young people can interpret these pictures. These people also need to think about whether they would be happy to see these photos of themselves when they find that help and get better.

 Based on my feelings I would say that it is for attention as everyone knows that there are plenty of people to talk to who either go through the same things as you or are national help lines. As well as including family and friends, however as much as I want to understand people who do it as a cry for help it is hard, this is because all I can think about is how much it can affect other people and influence others, even though I understand that self harm is serious and that  the person who posted it must be going through something hard to deal with. Most things that you do does not always affect only you, this is because we all have at least one person who cares for us and this does not have to be tied with blood. - "strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers" It may seem as if I am calling them attention seekers but believe me I have felt what they have once before, and I understand what it feels like but I would never post it on social media as a picture.

Ultimately, all I am saying is that pictures of self harm can be harmful just like words. Also just as people have to be careful about what they say, they also have to be careful about what they post.

Do you think that posting pictures about self harm helps?

Always supporting and voting for you.                                                
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. thanks for sharing this i like yours thoughts,

  2. Very nice article God bless you my dear keep it up you have a great writing skills .

  3. For me, It is a freedom of expressing others feeling. It may has different impacts from different individuals.

  4. Great article! I was considering posting an old picture of self harm on my BPD site as an educational/realisation/understanding thing. Putting a warning beforehand too. It is a part of my journey to ultimate betterness but this post has made me reconsider the repercussions. Tough one!


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