Dealing with anger

Everyone is different and everyone has a different story. Well this is mine...

Ever since primary school I have always had an issue with my temperament and tolerance towards certain people. As I was younger I kind of sported an I don't care what people think of me and how I act or respond kind of attitude, this clearly got me in trouble a lot. People would always say "people are looking at you" if I ever shouted or talked too loud due to anger or something setting me off. Even as a little girl if I were to throw a tantrum I would not care what people thought because I thought to myself that it was not their problem to deal or get involved in; they should mind their own business. Even today of course I am too old to throw a tantrum and I do not do that anymore, but I believe that people who stare and get involved in other peoples business are nosey and are in the wrong. This is because that situation will never or does not directly effect that individual bystander.

My anger has caused me to make a hole and break a door. As well as multiple times I would have injured myself, in order to release my anger. Furthermore, the problem at that time was that I did not know how to deal with my anger.

As I grew older I understood the right ways from the wrong ways to deal with anger effectively. Firstly, the thing that helped me most was when I started martial arts, it really helped me to get rid of frustration and anger that was boiling inside of me, as well as it was good exercise. Although that helped me a lot I did stop it as I was becoming pressed with time and it was very hard physically and mentally as well as time consuming.

Now a days I dance to get rid of pain, frustration and anger. I use music and dance as a release, however I  sometimes scribble in school because I cannot scream and let out my anger if I am in class, although this is a bad habit as it is a distraction in class.

How do you deal with your anger? It is okay to have days where you do not feel as happy or vibrant as a rainbow, and you should never feel like you should act happy just for the people around you. It is okay to tell and show your feelings, there are so many people that will openly and willingly help you and lend you a shoulder. It isn't your job to walk on eggshells around everyone else just to please them. There is always going to be a good and bad day, we can't always have a good days, life is not fair and it is not meant to be.

Always supporting and voting for you.                                            
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. nice article my dear God bless you ever .

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