Prom expectations?!

As we grow up I am sure most of us were surrounded by teen movies such as: high school musical 1,2 and 3, mean girls, never been kissed and a Cinderella story.

So what do all of these movies have in common with each other? The answer is that they have somewhat of a prom in them. The one I want to focus on is HSM because I believe it has imprinted an image of prom in young girl's minds, of course it will not apply to everyone but for some. I know this because I know of a few people who see their perfect prom as it would be in HSM, they see prom to be about pretty dresses, a perfect date, the first dance and corsages.

Believe me when I say that their are some serious people out there, that will do anything to make prom a special night. E.g. will not rest until they get a prom date, have already bought their dress and booked makeup and hair, not to mention there are some people that are willing to buy corsages or a tie for whom ever they get a date with.

Personally, at first I was excited then the excitement kind of died down because I realised it just was not worth it, especially with all the important exams coming up. Even though up till now I am finding it hard to buckle down and revise, while trying to juggle blogs, dance and normal life. I would love to have a dress and everything ready but prom to me is not something I want to think about or even go as of now, but it seems I have to as I have paid £38 for it and there are no refunds!

In the UK if you go to sixth form you have essentially two proms, as you would have one in secondary then sixth form. I admit it is probably most girl's dreams to look elegant or pretty for prom because it is probably still mine but I am not going to fuss about it just yet.

Moreover, do you think prom is something to be fussed about? even if it will not turn out like the movies. Furthermore, I believe that it would be nice to have a formal prom with girls wearing long dresses but, I believe that dates and boys are not really that important at this stage. This is because "our life is a series of moments, let them go" - now is good.

Ultimately, do not stress over the little things and just take it how it is because you will maybe miss what you have now in the future. The more you don't live in the present, the more you will have stress and weight on your shoulders that will weigh you down and will be harder to get rid of.

Always supporting and voting for you.                                      
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. As a teen I went to a lot of dances and semi-formals. I liked wearing the dresses and dancing. I accepted the make up. In most cases I did not get my hair done and I never rode in a limo.

    My generation is a little a head of yours and I've never seen a High School Musical, but there's always a lot of movies about prom. It's sparkly and meant to be some kind of end of the year coming of age-ish event.

    My experience is that proms are a lot of fun if you don't put too much focus on them, IF you've got tickets and can find a cheap dress, then you're set. It's great if a guy asks you or you ask him, but it's not necessary to have a good time.

    I saw a lot of girls who took it too far. They'd take the day off school to do hair and nails, they would have elaborate limos and after parties. They would spend an obscene amount of money on the dress. I think that much time and money is more investment and pressure on the night that makes it hard to live up you.

    Good luck with exams, and try to think of prom as a fun reward, not something that requires a ton of pprep.

    1. Thank you! that is so true, I will just let people do their thing and not worry about it as much, because exams are more important. I will just go with the flow and take it as a reward like you said and not stress about it! Thank you for reading and commenting!!


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