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BlogConLDN is run by Scarlett London who founded SL digital & events. There is something for everyone at BlogCon, they have talks where you can sit at a table and listen to bloggers or other successes give you tips on how to grow. Around the room you have different brands, who offer you a taster of their products as well as give you a chance to win a hamper or a bundle of prizes by entering their social media competitions. These brands also allow you to connect with them, give them your details for future collaborations. Everyone is lovely and friendly so if you feel nervous, just try pluck up the courage and say hi, it is also okay to go by yourself to these events because I can guarantee, you will not be the only one!
For my Face I wore the same makeup as the Glamour post, but Maybelline fresh BB cream instead of foundation, and again wore the Eylure volume 107 lashes. For my outfit I wore a black choker T shirt dress, a pink black stripe bomber from Boohoo and my black over the knee boots from SweetSuede. Now these are the products you get inside the goodie bag: 
 In the Scarlett London bag you get: 
Funkin cocktail mixer ( I got strawberry Daiquiri) 
Schwarzkopf dry shampoo 
Missbelez nail file 
White glo diamond series teeth whitening system 
I also got a MeruMaya melting cleansing balm from a stand that was promoting their product, they tested it out on my hand and it smelt amazing, as well as felt refreshing. 

In the Chichi London bag you get: 
A white lace choker (which looks amazing and I cannot wait to wear it!) 

At extra branded stands I picked up:
Big sexy hair powder play ( you add this for volume in your hair)
Magi bobble ( It comes with 5 individual bobble hair bands, that are supposed to easily curl your hair) 
Lipivir lip balm & cold sore preventer and treatment
Natural world argan oil shampoo ( good for dry hair ) 

 This was the longest line of all, but worth it since, they gave us full sized products, at this stand the brand reps ask you what type of skin you have and offers you products based on what you say. I got:
Peel off treatment gel mask
Purifying cleansing gel
Bionic eye cream
Body polishing mask
Retexturing treatment

 Lastly I went to the Mashooq brand stall where they gave me a deep penetrating oil for your hair, it is said to protect your hair from heat as well as chemicals, for example if you dye your hair.
Overall I had an amazing time and it gave me confidence to go to more events, everyone is so friendly and it gives you so much opportunities to create connections. I recommend anyone to go to any of SL events as they have things for everyone. Check out her site at -  If you would like a more in depth look into my day the vlog is linked below: 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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