Caudalíe cleansing water:How much do I love it?

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It's always sad when you finish a product that you absolutely love!

Cleansing waters are always perfect for removing dirt and oils, they remove makeup easily without the need of rubbing too hard at your face.

This month I've been really loving the Caudalíe cleansing water that smells like grape water & chamomile, made with organic ingredients too, so is a much better option for your skin than other cleansers.

Unlike a simple cleansing water I have, Caudalíe does not irritate or make your eyes sting if you accidentally get it into your eye! What I love even more about it, is that it is amazing at removing eye makeup! In terms of mascara, it gets rid of the mascara effortlessly, it also does not leave you with panda eyes.

Even more, Caudalíe refreshes your face making your face feel fresh, definitely worth trying out! If you don't already use cleansing water in your skincare routine, I highly recommend it, I use it to remove my eye makeup first then I will use a gel wash and wash my face thoroughly.

You can fine it through the company's actual website plus many more for under £10 depending on size!: 

What's your favourite cleansing water?

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