I got called a Wannabe Feminist from my Sc story?!

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Last night I had an encounter with a man, in my Snapchat story I told my fellow Snapchatters, what happened and said I APPRECIATED the compliment, but did not appreciate that when he asked for my number and I said my age he tried to carry on and talk to me, even though he was like 10+ years older than me, I got told that it was not like he raped me, however I have had other experiences where I was close to rape, I have been told I'm too ugly to be hit on, but the fact is that PERVERTS hit on anyone regardless age or looks. In the past I have always told Snapchat my encounters with people, and different situations that to me are interesting, entertaining or shocking. None of those past times did these people decide to pop up and spread negative comments about how I was coming across, or who I am. These two BOYS I have never met, do not know and do not know me decided to comment on me as an individual. Now One of the guys, used to like me but I said no now he has a girl but point was once upon a time he tried grafting for me. Long story short, I got called a wannabe feminist, said I was on a high horse and have a big ego, by Reece. Matthew then said My voice is not made for the camera and that I am fat. Now guys and girls, these people just barely exist in the world, they are not successful guys with businesses, or are famous. So quite frankly they are ordinary. The difference between me and them is that I have all of you, And I WOULD and WILL not ever attack someone over their looks or attack them in any way shape or form, unless for retaliation, even so I still would not attack them seriously enough to make it hurt. I know things about this Reece guy and I would never want to attack him in public about his private matters.

I never boast, all the events I go to, I do not boast but I promote, there is a difference. I always compliment and support other people, I would and will hardly ever compliment myself or act egotistical or like I'm the better person, because I know my level and where I stand. I see peoples Snapchat stories, that I roll my eyes at sometimes, but I would never go out of my way to send them negative comments or vibes, because it is THEIR social media, THEIR account, THEIR life so they can do what they want. As long as it is not hurting anyone else. My point is, that you do you, as long as you're humble, you're kind and you are true to yourself, do not worry about anyone else. My Snapchat story is meant for entertainment for me and for everyone else, therefore I don't understand why people are taking it seriously, let alone trying to bring me down.

Reece said that I am angry with the world. Reality is I love the world, I love my life and the opportunities that I am now receiving. I am thankful for everyone I have around me! I am still young and trying to find myself, but I am happy with my blog, social media, and the fact I get to go to uni in September. I cannot be anymore thankful for how my life is turning out and turned out, since I was in such a low place last year. Moral of the story guys, take everything with a pinch of salt, do not hate on someone or judge someone so quickly, love yourself and others, support others and create good relationships with people, life is what you make it. You are not living playing it safe and not taking risks or not going out of your own comfort zone. Another saying is, if you do not have haters you are not doing it right. Just to end it I want to say good luck to the guys who commented, and I want to thank them for this blog post idea because, these relatable real life situations are posts people wanna read sometimes! I also wanna say I love EVERY single one of you who supports me and has given me so much courage and enthusiasm in everything I do, THANK YOU!!

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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