Brow review: High definition brow define pencil 003 Vamp

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Turns out the day I went to BlogConLDN I lost my Rimmel London Black/ Dark brown eyebrow pencil. Lucky for me though, in the Glamour goodie bag there was this eyebrow pencil from high definition.

Now I am not the best at eyebrows, however I am not the worst either. At least with my blog you and I can both see how my eyebrow journey gets better. First glance at the pencil you can see it has a tip, and a sharpener attached to the tip. Although what I have noticed is that whenever I sharpen the pencil with the sharpener provided, it breaks the lead of the pencil and does not sharpen well, so I recommend using a different sharpener. As for the pencil itself it is very soft, therefore you need to press a bit more to get the product onto your eyebrows. The colour however, is perfect and depending on how you apply it, it will depend on if it is dark or not. As well as the softness of the pencil, when you have figured out the right amount of pressure, the application is very smooth. My eyebrow hair also stays down a lot easily with this pencil rather than my Rimmel one. 

This is my results from the pencil: 

 My application process:

  1. I draw a line under my eyebrows to define the shape
  2. I then fill in the end of the brows to define the tip and stop at the point before the arch 
  3. I then use an eyebrow brush, to blend the colour towards the centre and beginning of my brows 
  4. After, I use the brush upwards then sideways to blend the line underneath the beginning of my brows, to remove harsh lines and lightly add colour to the beginning 
  5. I then take my finger and wipe upwards at the beginning of my brows to make it look like there is little to no product, at the beginning of my brows
  6. For the last step, I add liquid concealer beneath my brows with a concealer brush and define the shape as well as clean up any messy lines
  7. After this I take my beauty blender and blend the concealer, while making sure to get as close to my brows as possibly to blend the concealer pigment 
  8. As well as lightly blend underneath the beginning of my brows to remove a harsh line of concealer
Whats your go to eyebrow product? 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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