You cannot be a positive person and emit negativity!!

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I go to uni in around 6 months now and already my uni has created Facebook groups to meet and chat to people on your course. These group chats are optional to be in and not everyone is apart of it, as for me well I was apart of it and then I left because I did not feel like I got positive vibes from the people in the chat, I didn't feel like they were people I vibed well with in general, but who knows they may be different in person.

Early on when everything was happy and dandy, we all decided to follow each other on our social media sites and pages. One guy in particular followed me, I liked his posts and stuff, did all the nice things you do when supporting people and being friendly. But out of all, ALL the people on my course 2 weeks later he unfollows me. Now obviously it is not a big deal, I let it go but, what led me to this post was what was in his bio on insta:

Positivity is what most people strive for and want to be like. However, this guy has claimed to be a positive person all in all. Although if you have talked to this guy in the chat everything he said was negative. He also felt like one of those people that were only friendly, with those who he deemed worth it, meaning he was only friendly to those who were buff/pretty ( which is shallow to say the least). He always complained about not going to get into uni, and not going to get the grades to meet his offer - that again is not positivity, because he does not believe in himself, he sounds like one of those people that thinks that if he does not get one thing its game over. Which is not true because if you fail at one thing you can try again or you can try another path because there is more than one route to success than university.

Can you really call yourself a positive person, if you do not support others let alone have confidence to talk yourself into being motivated and seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel, and not the black hole trying to suck you in? Can you really be a positive person if you are not caring and humble to everyone? Just think, positivity comes from selflessness, maturity, honesty and much more. I know that it is only human to feel sad or feel beaten down, however it is what you do with that feeling of sadness that can imply whether you're a positive person or not. What I am saying is that, it is okay to cry, feel sad and experience the negativity, however it is your job to turn that negativity into positive things to help you get through the hard times. It is easy to say you are one thing, but if you just say it and hope for it to come true... reality is it will not. Why? because you are not doing anything about it. You need to take charge and decide your future and fate, no one can do that for you, because you're living your life, no ones else can live your life for you, no matter how much you pay them.

We have more fakes in this world than we know. A lot of people hide their true selves. A lot of people are good liars. But of course when there is bad, there is also good. What I also dislike is when people who are not the most fittest or smartest decide to put other people down that are higher than them. Know your levels people, there is always someone better than you, despite what you would like to think. But my solution to that, is be nice to everyone because that is positivity, if not you might be the one a girl decides to write a blog post on.

Tips on how to be positive:
1. Be caring to everyone
2. Be supportive to everyone
3. Be your own motivation and inspiration, how? love yourself. What if you can't? try and learn bit by bit everyday, compliment yourself, treat yourself and be yourself, to not carry a burden of pretending to be someone you aren't.
4. Eat well, your mood can depend on your diet or exercise routine sometimes therefore if you feel good, you will be more encouraged to spread that feeling of goodness onto others.
5. Sleep well, everyone needs their beauty sleep, sometimes if you are feeling down or upset sleeping on the problem can take the stress away and give you time to cool off, and think logically and clearly.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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