Questions about the media industry I would like to find out!

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Currently, I am in full time education, and have no real experience of what it is like in the Media industry day to day. However, I am a sociology student and quite frankly, what they tell us about Media in sociology makes the industry sound pre-planned and not the most honest industry to be in. Me being me, hopefully will find out the answers to these questions one day, or if any of you guys know the answers, feel free to tell me below! Lets get started:

  1. Does the media industry consist of middle class people filling the top jobs, if you are not middle class is it hard to get to those top jobs? - Now the reason I ask this is because, in school we are taught that white middle class people are editors and fill the top jobs. I have read articles and posts about how people who work in magazines or media, who claim that the higher you get on that career ladder, it is mostly people from middle class backgrounds, who are privately educated, with a lot of connections due to their social class or family. Of course there will be a minority of working class people that rise to fill the top positions, but is that just the middle class letting people slip through the gap to make it look like to the public that there is no unequal treatment in industries? 
  2. Is the media, institutionally racist? Do the editors prefer a Black male shooting a white middle class male, over a white middle class male shooting a working class Black male? In sociology we are taught, that editors prioritise stories, due to news values.  
  3. Is the people who work for the Media industry influenced to believe in the dominant ideology and to protect the elite and middle class? Not only this, do media employers employ people who believe and support the dominant ideology over others? 
On the top of my head at this moment I will leave you with three questions. Hypothetically, If we were to say that everything we are taught about the Media concealing truth and supporting the Elite and enforcing the dominant ideology was true, why are we not doing anything about it, if we know that it happens? Is it because the Media is too big and is supported by the government, because the media protects the government, and hides their mistakes in exchange for protection too? Is this why Moral panics are truth and why the media uses it to conceal any mistakes or big events caused by the government, organisations or the elite? More importantly, is this the world you want to feed your child to? 

I was watching a movie recently called "Ask me anything", the girl mentions that there is no point in blogging if you are not telling the truth. So why is there a point of being apart of the news, or the media if you are not going to give us the truth? some may say concealing the truth is not lying, but it is not being honest either. Some may say you cannot handle the truth, but if the whole point is to be aware should we not have the truth in order to see the bigger picture and be aware? 

Just because something seems like it is set in stone, does not mean it cannot be broken and rebuilt. Do you really want to sit there and hope that you will be that 1 in a million of working class people to be allowed to slip through the gap into the middle class world, and be a part of them? Change will most likely not happen over night, but what can the worst be by change happening little by little over time. We need to wake up! 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


  1. First of all, I loved your post.

    The way I see it, it's only human that we seek people like us/better than us. A lot of people will deny it, but at some point in their lives, they will prefer someone who is better looking or has an attractive, charming personality. We as humans seek positivity and it's natural.

    When you factor in the stereotypes that have been forced on us since we were kids, it supports the 'racism' and 'bias' you've mentioned here. For instance, media portrays an uneducated person as poor, the poor equals ugly, ugly is bad and so on. But is that always true in real life? NO.

    My suggestion is that we truly accept that everyone is equal in all aspects be it black or white, rich or poor etc. Discriminations will be there, but if there's one place where we can start - it's at a personal level.

    P.S. For some reason, I wasn't able to reply to your comment, so I kind of answered your question there and for your post here.

    Thanks for the share.


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