Can you like everyone?

We all know that everyone is different, that therefore means we each have different preferences and opinions. However my question is why do some people insist that they like everybody and they never have or will dislike or hate someone? This to me makes me think they are implying that their heart is perfect and that they do not have an inch of negativity in their life or soul. Although I do understand that if everybody were to get along it would be great, but the fact is as humans we make mistakes and make our own choices different to our neighbour therefore reality can never only have positivity.

Of course I agree that it would be amazing and awesome if we could like everybody as well as get on. However I believe that as long as we have our dislikes and likes there has to be some people that would get on our nerves. You will come across at least one person in your life that will push you past your limits (and not in a good way).

Furthermore, I believe no one is a saint and people who say that they not only get on with everyone but likes everyone at the same time, doesn't exist in my eyes, people who say that tend to come across as fake and annoying to me, which is something that is not needed in life. As the saying goes...
Additionally, as I think people like that are being fake, I am also saying that I think that they are lying too. We have too many secrets in this world let alone lies, you do not need to add another one to the list. Moreover there is a saying that goes around which is all lies must be revealed or come out in the end. You might ask what are my other reasons for this? well let me explain... I am Catholic however not a very strong one if I say so myself, although I do believe God put us on this earth imperfectly, this is because he wants us to make choices and to make mistakes in order to grow as an individual. Therefore no one was born with a perfect heart or mind, this is why many believe we have to be baptised to be cleansed after birth.
Ultimately, I do not believe you can like everybody, you can try to be nice to everybody but you will always come across people ready to test you. It is true as we grow older we learn how to control our emotions, however we can try our best to ignore some emotions but our emotions will always be there. You can fake a smile or fake a laugh but your thoughts will always be buzzing around in your head. Therefore why not just be honest and instead of being fake distance yourself, as well as instead of having to put up a front in front of people every single day (that can get exhausting). I say be true to yourself and be real, do not let your mind convince you to walk on eggshells around people, being fake and putting up a front only lasts for so long.
Always supporting and voting for you.                               
Josephine Beth-xx


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