Small comments or actions can stick with you

Usually, as we grow up our memories get cloudy, and kind of withers in a way. However, have you ever wondered why we remember bad events so clearly sometimes? that is probably because there is more of a chance of you remembering an event that happened to you and left an emotional or physical impact.

Therefore on to my main point. If you were to say to someone when they were little "you are fat" or if you gave them a negative comment, this comment WILL essentially stick with that person, of course at the time you do not know how it will effect them in the future as you do not know what kind of person they are, and how they would deal with it. Two main ways that people usually feel in the future, the first way is the person would be thankful to you, they would feel sorry for you and they would feel proud because they would say you made them a stronger person. Moreover, the other way that the person could feel is, hatred and sadness, they could have a low self esteem, low confidence and see themselves as nothing. Do you want to do that to a person? One comment could be the start of something big, it could be the cause of the build up of something serious like depression. If you DARE to think it was a coincidence that your comment started it off first, you better get your head checked and feel sympathy although the damage is already done.

Furthermore, if that person did not ask for your opinion then do not give it. Additionally, these comments can not only come from peers or strangers, it can come from within your family, or people who know better and are labelled "responsible" due to age. Personally, I believe that even if you are angry and you may say stuff due to the heat of the moment, you should always think before you say something because you never know what can happen. When I was younger I found it hard to deal with people shouting at me, I would get emotional and I would never be able to forget it, it troubled me so much that it would be hard to sleep and it would be always on my mind. I went through a phase where all I had to do is look at the person who hurt me and it would bring back the memory and make me tear up.  Although because of this I believe that I am stronger and I learnt how to deal with situations that made me unhappy in the right way.

Ultimately, I know that what I say cannot undo what people have said to you, however it can help those people that have hurt you to not make the same mistake twice. What I can say is that you're beautiful, smart, talented and kind hearted. Never change and harden just because people tried to bring you down, always have faith and keep your head up - "Have courage and be kind" - (Cinderella 2015)

Always supporting and voting for you.                                   
Josephine Beth-xx


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