Perspective from an only child

As humans we often like to put labels on people or create stereotypes. Usually, the stereotype about only children is that they're, spoilt, selfish and just simply have everything. Of course there are other people who do not judge a person by saying they are an only child, but let's talk stereotypes.

Firstly, me being an only child can say that I am not spoilt, I may get more opportunities to do stuff but I do not ask for everything in the store. As every child does when they don't know any better, they whine about the toy they saw on TV. However people suspect that because I'm an only child there is more of a chance il get it, there is of course some truth to that, however my parents did set a boundary and a limit, therefore in time I learnt that I didn't need useless stuff and didn't ask for it.

Moreover, the disadvantages to being an only child. I'm sure most people would agree that it is really lonely, e.g. If you were taken to a theme park and your parents weren't into rides, you would have to go on it by yourself and if you're like me, it is no fun by yourself sometimes. Additionally, some say that only children have more pressure put on them, to do it right, just like people who are the first child of the family. As well as the first born or an only child has to make their own mistakes and learn from themselves, this isn't always the case but if you are a younger sibling you can essentially learn from your siblings mistakes. 

Ultimately, I do not like being an only child, but I can't change how my life is. All I can say is everything has perks but then everything has an opposite too therefore nothing is as good as it seems. I am thankful though to have sisters who aren't blood related, my best friends. 

What do you think of only children? 

Always supporting and voting for you.                                 
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. I grew up with other 4 sibilings and I asked a friend of mine only child if he wowuld not like to have sibilings. He told me he could not miss what he had not known. Good post :)


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