Sharing your blog with people you know

This post is kind of a blog appreciation post. First of let me start with, I am so glad I started blogging and I absolutely love it. Even though sometimes I get a mental block, this causes me to not know what to write for the next blogpost.

Furthermore, the topic at hand, I as a blogger want to be able to expand my audience and would like to share it on my media sites, however the problem with that is some people I know would make fun of it or would possibly class it as silly and stupid. 

Additionally, I know that I have said so many times before or implied that you should not care about what people think, but I'm going to be honest it is easier said than done. My blog has secrets involving some people who could read it and some of those secrets aren't ready to come out yet. It isn't about me making fun of them it is about how I feel about situations I have been through. 

Ultimately, what I want you to take from this is that, you have to remember that you should never rush anything, never do something that you are not ready to do. Moreover if you are ready to do it but scared, you need to remember that those people will not be in your life in the future and you need to learn to let go. Whatever they say or do to hurt you will not always matter as you have as much people behind you to support you than make fun of you. 

Always supporting and voting for you.                                    
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. I Sorta feel the same none of my friends know that I blog .its actually true that many including me aren't very comfortable with people who might judge them.

    1. Yeah, I really love my blog and I am proud but, its just especially if you are in school, the extra attention is not really needed when exams are coming up and all. I hope one day you will be able to share your blog with them!

    2. Yea...but I'm not sure I'm the only one who doesn't want to be judged.


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