Nearly getting run over

This is a little rant about my experience. To start off I have nearly been run over twice.

Today, I had to cross a road to get home and this road is not a busy one and cars do need to be slow when driving through. When I was younger I was very alert and I would always notice things around me but now a days I'm always tired, stressed and just sick of everything. I have the tendency to feel really sleepy during class as well as when I get home I have the urge to just sleep and not revise. 

Furthermore, to continue I stopped to let a car on my left pass but failed to realise there was a car on my right as well, therefore I mindlessly crossed the road whilst looking right, I did spot the car eventually as it was at a stop and was slow however it was inches from me. And as per usual I did have earphones in. The driver of the car had a little girl next to him, he proceeded to shout at me as he drove off "take out your headphones" whether that was good advice or just out of anger I will never know because I didn't hear his tone properly. 

Moreover, what I want to stress is that I know it was my fault and I can beat myself up for that, however what shocked me more was that I wasn't scared if the car hit me, because I realised that I didn't care and I wasn't afraid of dying or getting hurt. 

Additionally, a little note to the driver. I know how bad it would have been if you hit me and you would obviously blame it on me because it seemed to be my fault however it takes two to tango, therefore you also take on responsibility as an adult and a driver when you decide to drive your car. Your responsibility is not only your passengers life but people outside of the car or even inside another car too. The driver did not have to shout at me he could of just driven off, I am in year 11 I know what's wrong from right, this careless mistake I made was my own however it is hard growing up and we all make mistakes.  

How would you feel if it was your daughter? How would you feel if you knew what was going on with people? How would you feel if you could know someone's story? The saying don't judge a book by its cover is a good one, this is because you can never know what people are thinking or feeling, or even what they have been through. 

Ultimately, to drivers out there. If you think for a moment why a person stepped out in front of your car, it isn't to get you in trouble it could be by accident as they might have to deal with a lot of things, or it could be because they want to escape reality which is ever so cruel. This applies to even drivers when they have car crashes, you should always TRY to give people the benefit of the doubt even if you think you're right, sometimes you just have to step back admit your mistakes or assess the situation before coming to a conclusion.  No matter how hard it is, honesty is the best thing to bring you forward. Life isn't easy however that's the beauty of the challenge, as "dying is easy, living is hard" - If I stay

Always supporting and voting for you.                              
Josephine Beth-xx


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