Television as God

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Most of you must agree with me when I say that many people these days are obsessed with watching television. People spend a good portion of their day sitting in front of their televisions watching their favourite shows or just about anything that they like, well we have all done it but not up to that extent where you are considered to worship your television. Children shouldn’t be introduced to television at a very young age, or better still just don’t install the very infamous idiot box at all. Few of us have watched gaping at the screens until our eyes pop and fall out. People watch tv until they are hypnotized and drunk with ghastly junk. If there were a person climbing into your house through your window sill while you stay still busily staring at the screen you definitely wouldn’t notice them! People or so called devotees don’t understand the side effects of this very famous habit of humans. Watching too much tv rots your brain, it demolishes your inbuilt sense of imagination and makes children dull and blind at a very young age. Sometimes people get confused with their own fantasy land and reality. 
Well now most of you must be very annoyed by me and a question that might pop in to your head would be “well its our only means of entertainment what else can we do" well my answer to you is quite simple, think about what children and people did when televisions didn’t exist? well they did other cool stuff they had fun and read, read and READ ! ( um….well y..ou could…also but yeah I’m sure most of you addicts get my point. I’m sure most people who read books must agree with me well anyways so these are my views on watching( aka worshipping ) television.
I don’t say that its completely bad but there is always a limit. 
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