Division from school

The action of separating something into parts or the process of being separated.
This kind of division that I would like to address, is not about race or gender. It is a little bit different. The first kind of division that I believe we are exposed to at a very young age is, academic division. This involves children being split into tables or classes according to their academic smart, I do however agree with this as it makes it easier for the children to learn and for the teachers to teach however, it could make a person feel bad about themselves if they are not as smart and it is being dangled right in front of their face, which can decrease their self esteem and confidence. However I must say that it is a good way to make learning more efficient and suitable for that individual.
Furthermore, another division in school would be the types of schools, e.g. public schools, faith schools, grammar schools and private schools. Often you would get some parents who wish their child to go to a grammar as they see it as only the smartest and the best of the best can get in, however some times that is not always the case. This is because if you were in the grammar from primary there is a better chance of you getting into the secondary as you have priority. Moreover, private schools just separate the social classes, that is in a way wrong as in life you will not always meet or befriend people from one social class, as there are a lot of people in the world and if you want to get out there you have to be prepared to deal with people who have gone through stuff that you would never have to.  In my opinion I say that there is already so much stress due to education so why add choosing the right type of school to the list?
Ultimately, my final point will be about the gifted and talented programme. I am proud for those who are apart of this programme, however it is another way in lowering self esteem of others and maybe giving some children an ego booster ( this apparently usually happens in fake gifted and talented programmes).  Overall I believe that school is stressful enough, moreover we already have enough conflict in the world due to division, therefore why support that conflict within ourselves or encourage people to be divided even more. It was hard to get women to be equal to men and as of now we are not quite there yet but that does not mean we should give up, or try not to solve the other divisions we have to make our world more sustainable and to create a good community that can conquer evil.
Always supporting and voting for you.                                    
Josephine Beth-xx


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