Revision app tool: Gojimo

This app is a revision app that is receiving wide advertisement from Facebook and other various places.

I use this app to help me for my GCSE's and it is a fun and quick way to keep your mind active or busy when travelling. This app includes various qualifications as well as subjects and exam boards. It includes a checklist so that you can tick a topic that you have revised and that you know well, the app is mainly quizzed based and tells you if you're incorrect or correct as well as you can choose to do individual topics or a random quiz on that subject. Furthermore, not to mention that when you do the quiz it has an explanation and additional information under the answer to the question.

Overall, I think it is a great revision app and I know a few people besides myself that have it as well, so far it seems to be helping quite a bit as it is repetitive and it helps the information get stuck in your head. Moreover, even better is that it is free! Therefore you guys should totally check it out, and see if it works for you!

Ultimately, exam season is coming up, my first exam starts on the 5th May and I would just like to say good luck to those taking exams and revise and work hard! But also remember to take breaks and to not push yourself over the edge!

Always supporting and voting for you.                             
Josephine Beth-xx


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