Being friendly or over friendly, kindness is kindness

I'd count myself as a friendly person when I want to be, some people say I can be over friendly too.

On my sixth form induction day we sat in chairs around this boy as they were enough chairs free for me and my friends to sit, me and my friends came from the school while the boy was an external and came from a different one. I was brave enough to exchange pleasantries first however it seems that my approach didn't quite work on him. I did the usual introduction as well as ask a few normal questions however he thought I was weird, although let me say he took my food I offered and smiled occasionally, therefore what did I do wrong for him to not be my friend? This is why being friends with boys is hard for me because they don't understand me, I mean he said I was weird I assumed because I tried talking to him and have a conversation with him. Like hello. How do you make friends otherwise. 

On the other hand, later on I made a new friend with this girl who is super nice and she was an external as well, I used a bit more softer tone but same approach, I exchanged pleasantries and asked questions, and yes she wanted to be my friend but why is it easier to make friends with girls than boys? 

Ultimately, it seems that girls look for nice people and boys look for cool people or in my opinion from the boys I encountered they are shallow. And to be honest that boy who I tried to be friends with played league and the league playersI know are mean and not very nice and they have big egos as well, so I'm not surprised in all honesty. All in all, making friends will have its failures as well as successes therefore never give up and just try again with new people, not everyone needs to like you. - 

"If Everybody Likes You, You're Doing Something Wrong" 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
 Josephine Beth-xx


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