Everyone changes as they grow up

When I was little I said to myself that I'd never wear makeup, as well as never be really girly.

However, as you grow older you learn to love the things that other people like, in a way it's getting influenced but you should never think of it as conforming to be like other people, you're still you.

Furthermore, some people will say to you that phrase "oh! You've changed" whether they mean it in a bad or good way that's their opinion, change is natural and normal. Change is never bad unless it puts you in danger or other people. If you ever feel guilty or upset for not being the same person you were when your bestfriend knew you a year ago, don't. Even if the person that means a lot to you says you've changed so have they, and change is never really bad. 

Additionally, if you're the person that thinks it's bad when they've changed because they aren't how you remembered, they don't change being friends with you, it's okay to like different stuff as friends, you should be happy if they have changed and they're happy with it, as I've said its only a cause for concern if they're in harms way. Other than that I say be supportive! Everyone needs a little support sometimes.

Ultimately, we all have to change and remember that some friends do come and go so if you lose one you'll gain more as you grow up. Have people around you that accept you for you and don't make you feel bad about yourself. Remember that your safety should be priority and that you don't need everyone to like you. 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
 Josephine Beth-xx


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