It angers me when people complain about immigrants

When people who are "British" by heritage complain about immigrants they are being rude.

Those people who complain probably complain about not getting a job due to the "immigrants" taking them all, they also complain about "immigrants" taking their benefits. However they fail to see they live off of the benefits too, and if they say oh it's because there's no jobs, there is endless opportunities to invents stuff, or start up a new business that could earn millions but the reason they can't do that is because they don't have the right education or qualifications to be smart enough to do that.

Every job has competition and the harder you work the better chance you have, most "English" people are content with messing about in school and content about going to college without furthering their education. This could be because they hate school or they can't be bothered. A lot of people give excuses like I'm dyslexic ( that's not an excuse) many dyslexic people have the brains to go far, for all those people that complain about being treated different due to disability this is why, because you complain about your disability. 

Furthermore, others give excuses like I didn't get the right attention, the school or teachers were rubbish. Let me tell you this, in my school the teachers didn't help teaching us at all therefore I took it into my own hands to teach myself, people think oh you're so lucky you're smart, I'm smart because I worked hard by myself independantly, I'm not as smart as others with natural abilities but I am smart, and in top sets because I worked hard by myself.  I have said so many times before when you grow up and go into the work place it's about being INDEPENDANT. 

Moreover, those "immigrants" do jobs that will make them money, no matter how bad it is, we do the jobs that you people don't want to do because you're too picky or lazy. And to be honest you are in no position to be picky when you don't have the right level of education. People also talk about how immigrants should go home or learn English, sorry we know English hence why we are communicating with you, also if we go home that means less money going into your pensions or the government, therefore you fix up and pull your socks up because the immigrants are doing things right unlike you.  

Ultimately, I'd like to say that not all immigrants are hardworking but the majority are and that this post is directed at those people who complain about us therefore I know some English or British people work hard but majority I know that complain do not. 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
 Josephine Beth-xx


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