Hyper Japan 2015

HyperJapan is a festival that can run in the summer or winter time, during this summer it ran for three days, on Saturday it had two sessions (morning and evening). You must be 16 or older to attend without an adult, furthermore tickets can be bought online with an extra cost or on the day, when you have bought your ticket you need to exchange them for wristbands. During these events you may come across some youtubers or live bands, as well as traditional foods. There are many stands for trinkets, cosplays and plushies etc, some well known shops include: TofuCute and JapanCentre.  Here are two videos from yesterday to show you most of the things at HyperJapan, as well as the other shows you a preview of a band who played live "Lost Ash". *I apologise for the resolution as I had problems exporting them on my IPhone as I did not have enough storage, I promise better resolution in the future!

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Josephine Beth-xx


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