First week: NCS?!

Most people who tell their story of NCS tend to say it is the most amazing thing they have ever done, however my experience is a bit different.

Day one: settling
I originally went on NCS with knowledge that I would know a handful of people therefore I was not completely alone, even though majority of the people I knew were from my previous school and therefore I was not as close to most of them I still knew them and they still remembered me, moreover I did have one of my best friends with me which was a nice experience. Furthermore, I was in team Ward and was doing enterprise, which I was not very happy about due to me not really liking enterprise but sadly photography was a popular pick and was full. To sum up the first day was about settling and getting to know the team. Also just to add, I personally didn't like the food therefore I struggled to eat it and only managed to eat like one bite.

Day two, three and four: Activities
In a whole we did canoeing, hiking, camping and caving. Firstly, canoeing was relaxing and absolutely amazing, it was fun to learn to canoe and was an activity that's more up my alley. However hiking and caving was much harder, it tested me mentally and physically. When I was hiking up the mountain, it felt like my thighs were heavy and it felt like they were locking into place, but despite that I did it and pushed myself to go on. Caving was a bit easier but I did all the challenges but one, I'm not regretting it though. All in all when I'm in pain I try not to say because I don't want other people's sympathy unless I'm close to them. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" right?. Lastly, camping was a good experience however the only bad bit was that it was so cold and the sleeping bag wasn't quite comfortable due to the aches and pains as well as the cold temperature, although there were 8 people in our TP. (So lucky there were no bugs in the tent!)

 Day five: home & reflection
Personally, the best part of the trip would be wave time, group time or the coach journey. Although on the way back the coach took several hours due to one coach breaking down and us having to wait for another one to pull up, additionally our coach driver was leading and admitted he didn't know the way therefore we had to turn to let the other coach lead us instead. 

Ultimately, NCS wasn't very good for me, well the first week at least. I am so thankful for the people I have met but, in all honesty when I was there I felt so small and so little, I felt like an ant in a birds nest. I had people asking me if I'm okay and I don't mind that but not every second of every minute, I also had people who told me I looked upset, angry or that I didn't look happy, to be happy I didn't have to smile, I'm not the type of person to smile 24/7. I'm the type of person to want to just stand there and listen and input when I want to. To be honest if people think that's not right then that's there problem because I've grown so much since primary and I like who I am and the only thing I'd ever change is my image, as I like my personality and I'm content with it, I've told so many people what happened and they've all told me to not change for other people therefore I'm going to say NO. Furthermore, as a suggestion for a goal during group time my friend suggested I mingle or initiate friendship more, however I know how to do that and it sounds to me like she's trying to get me to prove myself which I feel like I don't need to because I know how to. I've started a new school  over in year 10 and have great friends due to me initiating it. I have initiated so many friendships at dance and sixth form inductions, I think I know how to do it by now. Therefore I'm going to say NO, I don't need to prove myself because I'm content and I will do it if I want to. Never feel like you are being pressured into doing something, it's okay to say NO it's not always about saying yes saying NO is equally important to make sure you're not walked all over, I say stand up for yourself and do what's best for you, then other people. As on an airplane you do your mask first than anyone else's. 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
Josephine Beth-xx


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