Getting ready for NCS 2015

NCS runs for three weeks 1st and 2nd week staying away from home. For my 1st week I am going to be staying in Wales, this is what I packed. I obviously packed more such as more toiletries, a hairbrush and deodorant (roll on since you're not allowed spray deodorant) and the essential underwear stuff when going away that's not shown in the video. As well as I am going to take my hair straighteners and bobby pins and hair bands/hair ties too.

When going on NCS you have a choice to bring a rucksack and suitcase however I decided to bring a rucksack and duffle bag as it is easier to travel, as I have to take a bus to the meeting point because my parents don't drive anymore.

In my rucksack I am going to pack the extra bits and bobs that will not fit into my bag plus I am going to bring wipes and pockets tissues just in case, as well as hay fever tablets. Moreover my rucksack will mainly be filled with snacks and food to last me through the journey there and through the week. My rucksack is a reasonable size with three main compartments.

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Josephine Beth-xx


  1. We have the same panda pjs - its shania by the way im stalking your blog :)


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