Illegal vs legal streaming

Those days which you just have nothing to do because you're waiting for that day where you have something planned. So what do you do? People will say go outside have fun enjoy the sun, however what if you're ill or hayfever or allergies is just getting you down?. My solution to those lazy days:

Watch movies or TV shows, many people will recommend Netflix however as we all know how amazing Netflix is, it doesn't have every single movie or TV show in the world, moreover it doesn't have them up to date sometimes, therefore I cancelled my subscription. 

Furthermore, I introduce to you putlocker = why putlocker? Well they have mostly every movie you can think of and TV show as well as it updates quicker than Netflix moreover adds newer movies quicker too. 

Additionally, many of you will say it has bad quality sometimes due to it being "illegal" streaming, but I say illegal streaming can be better than legal streaming. Even though that's bad for the companies who produce the film putting in their effort and money and time. I say it's not fair that some TV shows and movies are only allowed in certain countries. 

Ultimately, I wish illegal streaming can be legal, some may say well doesn't that mean we have to pay, I say not exactly, we have to pay for our internet bills therefore why can't the companies work together with internet companies, Google and the sites that produce these pirated movies to work out profits, I mean if YouTube can give us free videos without us paying for YouTube why can't other sites? With the same quick updates and quality as YouTube do too? We could put ads in front of the movies. All in all these illegal sites are beneficial unless legal sites like Netflix wants to up there game and provide us with quality fast updates on  movies and TV shows as well as a wider variety of old movies and new ones to choose from.

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 Josephine Beth-xx


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