Most awkward day with a boy

***Story time***
I went out with this guy and I specifically said it was casual and not a date kind of thing, but obviously he thought differently. 

Don't get me wrong he was nice, but that wasn't enough. So the first thing we did was go around to shops to go shopping, he acted weird and girly (although he was straight). When we were in Claire's he giggled (yes giggled) like a little girl and moved his body in an s shape holding his head like the screaming man. 

Next he wanted to take me out to eat, I declined because I wasn't hungry he then asked if I wanted to see a movie, I declined again. This is when I knew he didn't see this whole outing as casual. 

Furthermore, the next embarrassing and weird thing was that we were sitting outside and this preaching lady came up to us and made us hold hands, pray and read from the bible, I kept trying to explain that I'm Catholic and I know this and as open as I am to different religions or branches of Christianity, I knew what she was talking about. The whole reason why she started involving us in prayer was because the boy I was with had to say yes and couldn't say no we have to go. In reality I needed to meet my friend who was waiting for me at the bus stop and she was texting me while I was held up by this lady. 

Ultimately, when all that passed he took me to the bus stop which my friend was sitting at and a lot of people as well, I assumed he wanted a hug when he leaned in and reached his arms out so I was like okay cool and hugged him and then when I pulled away he leaned in to kiss me, I was just thinking what gave you the impression that I liked you like that, so automatically I leaned away (swerved) and said "what are you doing?"  He looked embarrassed ( I felt kind of sorry for him)  and gave a nervous laugh and said "oh nothing" and then he literally ran away to his bus stop and left me there. Therefore there you go I hope you guys enjoyed that little story, I still cringe everytime I think about it!

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
Josephine Beth-xx


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