My first time in a hotel room by myself

***Story time***
Last year I got to travel to LA, which I absolutely loved. Me and my mum stayed in an awesome hotel but in addition to this I would have to stay in the room by myself while my mum bunked with her boyfriend who was on a different floor. Of course as this was my first time I was scared due to all the stories and movies relating to bad things with kids in a hotel room by themselves, but I was also excited.

When the first night came where I had to sleep in that big hotel room by myself, I got so scared that I felt safer closer to the door, therefore for the majority of the time I slept on the couch in the first bit of the hotel room. I had a bit of paranoia about ghosts or sounds that I could here never mind the feeling of people in the room with me. However silly me that was all my imagination because in fact I was alone.
Every night, I would never turn off the TV and always sleep with the TV on and light on so that the room would feel a little less scary and empty. 

Moreover, as days went by I learned to enjoy having my own space because I knew that it would be like this when I got my own place. 

Ultimately, if you're staying in a place by yourself as much as it is important to stay and be aware just in case something happens, but to relax a bit so you don't over worry yourself or get too paranoid. I think I slept in the bed once or twice  during the whole trip and tbh I am quite disappointed because it was comfy and I would have been more comfortable than sleeping on the couch, even though the couch was long enough so no cramping issues. However, due to my paranoia or fear it kind of got in the way of me enjoying the hotel room. 

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  1. [ Smiles ] Honestly, it is pretty hard for me to fall asleep at a strange place. But, I would see to it that I get myself some sleep on the second night.

  2. I feel you girl but you should always try to catch your alone fun. Nice blog


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